A new short documentary on the intersection of realities, identities and Indigeneity, and the concept of being enough, no matter what or who you are. Following the lives of four people on Autistic Spectrum Disorder, sexuality, gender and the effects of stigma and prejudice. It is currently in production, and will combine unique animated storytelling and live scenes to inspire hope and courage in these challenging times. 2nd Teaser.

Almost normal.
Almost acceptable.
Almost Indigenous.

Half, a quarter, a fraction, a piece.
Gender, sexuality, ethnicity, cognitive or physical dis-/abilities.
Toxic beliefs, ableist and racist structures in society continue to harm.

Some are embracing their differences in order to heal…and they’re connecting.

AL string

Directed by Red Haircrow
Animations by Neda Ahmadi
Music by Johnny Clyde

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Poster by Red Haircrow, Mouth image by Karmaelea, Spider image by Macrovector, each are free usage with attribution.