The Protagonists

Viveka Frost

(Teques/Caribe) Coming from a multiracial background Viveka Frost is a documentarian filmmaker who focuses on minority voices who often go unheard. She broke into the film industry as a Production Designer, Producer and Actress in 2013 before making her way to cinematography and documentary filmmaking. With her Indigenous Venezuelan and Afro-Latinx roots Viveka is passionately addressing Indigenous issues, such as identity, stereotypes, decolonization and cultural isolation.

Johnny Clyde

(Purepecha/Mezica) A Berlin-based indigenous American filmmaker. He started as a film composer before moving into animation and eventually filmmaking. He works both in the abstract and in social awareness, especially focusing on issues relevant to indigenous peoples.

Manuel Ricardo Garcia

(Jicarilla Apache/Coahuiltecan) An architect, photographer and passionate activist in the LGBTIQA* Black & POC community, who describes himself as two spirit FtM who was born in Munich, Germany and maintains close ties to relatives and friends in USA and Mexico.

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