The Spider

Why the image and symbolism of a spider?

Spiders have often played very memorable, even life-changing role in my life, both in real time and in dreams. One of the most outstanding examples was being bitten and nearly dying from the “kiss” of a black widow. Other such stories can be found in my online journal, Songs of the Universal Vagabond.

Spider Dreams Return, A Spider Legion & Remembering Grandmother
Recurring Spider Dreams & Interpretations
The Lingering Effects of the “Kiss” of the Spider

This documentary, and the story behind its creation, is one of connecting and re-connection to the things, the people, the cultures, the ways of existence that bring healing to ourselves and the world around us. This is desperately needed in this current age of renewed and rising intolerance, hatred and xenophobia, where so many have been conditioned and are being manipulated by fear of difference, of change and the unknown.

In many cultures, spiders are considered special creatures recognized for their ability to connect and reconnect despite rough winds, driving rain and all kinds of adversity. They are often believed to be messengers and harbingers of change, arrival or an indication that “something is coming” This imagery and imagination is extended into “Almost”, which is deeply personal, even individual, but which also offers realities shared by millions of others who want to love, be loved and live in a way healthy and good way, psychologically, physically and spiritually.

For Indigenous peoples especially, this means recognizing the necessity of rejecting and healing from Eurocentric, Christo-manipulative, hetero-normative patriarchal prisons that label, limit, deny and harm any who don’t fit into created “acceptable” categories. We not only want and need to connect with each other for ourselves, but to help save our world from the fear, hate, bigotry, and ignorance that continues to destroy peoples, cultures, the animal kingdom and the Earth itself.

This is a documentary designed to be informative, to elicit understanding and empathy, and to help as many people as possible, of all different ethnicities, sexualities, genders, colors, dis-/abilities and realities come together. To connect, like the spider’s web delicate but strong, the spider flying on the winds of hope, seeking a new place and change.

We need each other. We need connection.

We are enough, whatever and whoever we are.

We are not almost.


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